Commissions/Price List

-PAPER (quality acrylic paper)-

-9 by 12 inch (1 character torso up/portrait illustration)


-9 by 12 inch (1 character torso/head painting quality)


-12 by 16 inch (One character torso up/background at artist discretion)


-12 by 16 inch (Up to 4 character film/comic Cover quality)




-16 by 20 inch (Wood panel or canvas )


-18 by 24 inch (Wood panel or canvas )


-24 by 36 inch (Wood panel )



-Blank card sketch 

$50 -Blank card sketch

$80 -Blank card detailed





Turnaround time for artwork is expected to be 14-20 weeks until completion and delivery. 

However, due to the nature of my freelance work schedules and international location, delays of up to 6-8 months could happen.

*If you are making a time sensitive order (like a gift) please email. Otherwise, sit tight and wait for a one of a kind traditional piece of art ! ;)

ALL artwork purchased is for private use only, please email for pieces intended for publication. 

Publishers/Editorial please email for quotes on work that will be published at:



Please be brief on your email when you request a character or film/theme/comic.

Likeness to celebrities and actors are a Yes :)

No family or pet portraits, likeness of “private individuals/real people” and No ‘cartoon art”.

All background elements are at the artist's discretion. 

All sales final. No artwork payment will be reimbursed when the piece is started. If the artwork is not of your liking I will put you on the next commission on priority list to purchase another one.

Please think that I ensure all works are safe and properly packaged before shipping, I’m not responsible if your package and artwork arrives damaged/stolen that’s out of my control. 

No artwork will be re done or shipped again for free but you will be prioritized if you wanna purchase another piece.

ALL art and commission sales are final.

Please contact me for commission requests or to be added to the waiting list. 

If you couldn’t make it to this current commission list you will be added to my waiting list for the next opening!