About Suspiria

Born in Barcelona, Suspiria’s artistic ability is taken to another time and place. Upon viewing Suspiria’s work, you seem to become drawn to a recipe of dark, dangerous beauty that features prominently through her paintings and illustrations.

Suspiria’s retro art style is inspired mostly by 50s to 80s films, female characters, dark comics and vintage halloween music and soundtracks.

Suspiria studied art, fashion and graphic design in Barcelona and Canary Islands, and later went to win the “Stradivarius Fashion Award” as well as a nomination for a RONDO HATTON AWARD for best magazine cover.

She exhibited her work in New York, Los Angeles, Bilbao, Victoria, Barcelona, Toronto, in galleries like Hive, Clutter, Vincon, The Seventh Corner Gallery, Midsummer Scream and also shows on her studio space in downtown Toronto.

Currently living in Toronto (Canada) working as a traditional and digital cover artist for clients like BOOM, IDW PUBLISHING, WAXWORK RECORDS, DARKLIT PRESS, DIABOLIK, DIMENSIONES OCULTAS, DELIRIUM MAGAZINE as well as doing commissions for private clients.

Please feel free to contact in regards to signings, collaboration projects,
convention appearances and published work at: