Tattoos By Suspiria

Tattoos are by appointment only.

NO appointments are made or designs started without a $100 deposit. 

The deposit comes off the price of the tattoo on the final sitting. 

Rates : $160 per hour for large tattoos That require more than one session. 

$170 per hour when fixing tattoo work not by me.

Tattoos that are done in one sitting will be priced based on the design ,size, placement etc.

Mid/big size work starts at $600/700

To have a custom tattoo designed or book a consultation a $100 deposit is required.

 Please, be really brief when you describe what you want to get tattooed thru email.

A complete change of design/concept of your tattoo (after a previous design is done) will require another deposit.

Please try to be as clear and sure about what you are getting done before you send deposit ;)  

Last minute tattoo cancellations = losing your deposit. 

(please know that a last minute cancellation gives the tattooer no time to reschedule any other client)


Designs are shown/send via email 1 to 2 days prior to appointment.

There is a Tattoo Deposit / Consultation Button on the website.  

To Inquire about your tattoo Idea email me by hitting the contact button on the website.  

Click on this link below to see my work ;)